Pais Digital Chile 2016

Start: Wednesday 6 April 2016 11:30 am

End: Thursday 7 April 2016 8:00 pm

Venue: W Hotel

The Internet of Things is developing rapidly within Latin America and beyond, with an astounding 12.6 billion connected devices in 2014 globally, and an estimated 27 billion by 2020. These enable exciting new services that bring significant socioeconomic benefits to cities, and are driving new opportunities for both small and large companies.

The role of governments and regulators is crucial in ensuring that there is adequate investment and innovation within this sector, so that businesses can flourish and citizens benefit from sustainable, smart city solutions.

Don’t miss the keynote: Digital Productivity, delivered by Jeanine Vos, Executive Director, Connected Living programme, GSMA at 9:40am on 7 September 2016. Here you will hear about global IoT market developments and case studies, learn about the role of governments and regulators in procuring and promoting the IoT, and the digital productivity within smart cities that these enhance.

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