Webinar: IoT Access Technologies – Weighing Quantity Against Quality?

Start: Monday 29 October 2018 12:00 pm

End: Monday 29 October 2018 1:00 pm

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Access technology is the most basic building block for the Internet of Things… and one of the most contested. Although most analysts feel that cellular technologies will only make up a small portion of overall IoT connections, a recent survey of almost 400 mobile industry participants showed cellular technologies – LTE-M, 5G, NB-IoT and even venerable GSM – listed among the most important access technologies going forward.

What accounts for the discrepancy? Evolving thoughts on capabilities and requirements? The strength of standards-based approaches? Supply chain?

Join Sylwia Kechiche, Principal Analyst, IoT, GSMA Intelligence on October 29 at 12pm EDT / 4pm GMT for a lively debate on IoT access technologies, the role of operators, and what the IoT-driven future will look like.

Sylwia Kechiche, Principal Analyst, IoT, GSMA Intelligence

As the principal IoT analyst in GSMA Intelligence, Sylwia is leading IoT product development. Her responsibilities range from sizing the IoT opportunity, including the role of operators, to researching and analyzing IoT technologies, applications and business models. Sylwia has also moderated and presented at a number of conferences. Now in her sixth year at the GSMA, Sylwia has previously worked in TMT and consulting company, Pyramid Research.

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