GSMA Mobile 360 Series: Privacy & Security – The Hague

Start: Tuesday 10 May 2016 09:00

End: Friday 11 March 2016 17:00

Venue: Hilton The Hague

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In cooperation with The Hague Security Delta and The Municipality of The Hague, Mobile 360 Series – Privacy & Security will explore the state of network security and data privacy today and examine best practices across a variety of industries. This event will include a combination of keynote speakers, panel discussions, technology demonstrations and in-depth case studies that address the growing importance of privacy and security across the globe. Central to the event will the impact of privacy and security on the IoT. Here, the Connected Living programme’s role in developing the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines and expertise in digital privacy will be invaluable for anyone seeking to build secure and scalable IoT solutions.

Connected Living Hub at the GSMA Showcase

The Connected Living Hub will run throughout the event, offering attendees the opportunity to meet the programme experts that developed the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines. For those unfamiliar with the Guidelines, this is an ideal occasion to find out why they will play a key role in securing the IoT. For IoT security experts, this is a rare opportunity to discuss the Guidelines in greater detail. Senior Manager, Regulatory & Policy, Yiannis Theodorou and IoT Security Lead, Ian Smith, will be available at the Connected Living Hub throughout the event.

Why are the Guidelines important? Industry experts explain why in this short video


Workshop: Applying Privacy by Design principles to the Internet of Things (IoT) – A Case of Trust

11.15 – 12:45, Wednesday 11 May  

While the IoT is demonstrating that it can open a world of endless opportunities for both businesses and consumers alike, confidence can only be maintained if consumers can trust their data is safe, secure and used in ways that respect their privacy choices. In this interactive workshop, discover how IoT service providers can reliably deliver trusted solutions by applying the principle of ‘Privacy by Design’.  Experts will guide attendees through a few key practical steps on how to build-in privacy by design when developing new IoT services or products for consumers.

There will also be a dedicated session to IoT Security included in the workshop,  provided by Ian Smith, IoT Security Lead, GSMA.

This workshop will be hosted by Yiannis Theodorou, Senior Manager, Regulatory & Public Policy, GSMA, in the Red Room at the Hilton Hotel.


The event is free for those who have Registered for the Mobile 360 Series event. To find out further details on the workshop, please contact Nicola Gordon: