Dubai Airshow – Panel Discussion – What 5G will mean for the future drone operations

Dubai Airshow – Panel Discussion – What 5G will mean for the future drone operations

Start: Thursday 18 November 2021

End: Thursday 18 November 2021

Venue: DWC, Dubai Airshow Site

Location: Dubai, UAE

5G promises to transform drone operations by adding new levels of IoT connectivity – leading to more robust command and control, safer airspace management and huge increases in the amount payload data downloads. A recent study published by the GSMA highlights a minimum of eight different use cases in which drone operators would benefit from connectivity and end-to-end service provision. When and where will these first appear?


Philip Butterworth-Hayes, Director of Strategy and Communications, CIVATAGlobal


  • Gokul Srinivasan, Director of Technology at Robots.Expert, and member of the European 5G! Drones project
  • Dr. Thomas Neubauer, Vice President, Business Development & Innovations, TEOCO CORPORATION
  • Asam Khan, CEO, AstraUTM
  • Barbara Pareglio, Executive Director for Connectivity for Aviation and IoT Technical Director, GSMA

Barbara Pareglio

Executive Director for Connectivity for Aviation and IoT Technical Director , GSMA

Barbara has over 20 years of experience in the mobile industry. She has been part of the GSMA Internet of Things Programme since 2014, working on several aspects of the IoT such as the development of the Mobile IoT Technologies (LTE-M, NB-IoT), GSMA IoT Security Guidelines, GSMA Drone Interest Group and looking at a variety of emerging technologies, like machine learning/AI and edge computing, for helping the mobile industry to create trusted solutions for the IoT. Before joining the GSMA Barbara worked in R&D in several areas of telecommunications, including Intelligent Networks, IMS, Service Enabling and M2M/IoT. She also participates in and actively contributed to several standards.

The GSMA Internet of Things Programme helps operators to fully realise the opportunity in the IoT, operators must deliver secure IoT networks as well as scalable value added data services for the world’s industry and machines beyond connectivity. This is to be achieved by industry collaboration, appropriate regulation, optimising networks as well as developing key enablers to support the growth of IoT.

Thomas Neubauer

VP, Business Development, TEOCO

Thomas Neubauer is VP of Innovations at TEOCO and Co-founder of Dimetor.

He has more than fifteen years of experience in the management of wireless networks, working with tier-1 customers around the globe. Thomas also holds a position of VP Business Development and Innovations at TEOCO, a US based company providing software solutions to more than 300 communication service providers worldwide. Prior to that Thomas has successfully founded and grown a startup for cellular network optimization software, which he sold in 2012. He holds a Ph.D. in telecommunications engineering from the Vienna University of Technology.

Philip Butterworth-Hayes

Director of Communications and Strategy, CIVATA Global

Philip Butterworth-Hayes is Director of Communications and Strategy at CIVATA Global

He is also the editor and publisher of EUROCONTROL’s Skyway publication ( and the editor and publisher of and

For more than 25 years Philip has specialised in delivering highly complex technical and industrial aerospace information and advice to a

His background includes posts as the director of communications and strategy at the Civil Aviation Navigation Organization (CANSO) in Amsterdam, the launch editor of the European Defence Agency’s European Defence Matters, the Manager of Jane’s Air Transport Division and lead consultant for Jane’s Information Group on civil aviation consultancy studies, founding editor of Jane’s Aircraft Component Manufacturers, Jane’s World Airlines and Jane’s Airport Review, a former editor of Interavia Aerospace Review, Airports International, Jane’s Defence Industries, Jane’s Military Aircraft and several unmanned air system publications. He has been an aviation consultant to BBC Television and Time-Life books.

He has authored a wide number of reports and studies based on future markets and analysis of current aerospace trends. These include The Market for ATC Equipment (Jane’s Information Group) 1997, 1998, 2001; the Market for Civil Aircraft Maintenance and Services (Jane’s Information Group) 1997; The Market for Civil Aircraft (Jane’s Information Group) 1998; The very light jet market (PMI Media Ltd) 2006, 2007, 2008; and The growth of aircraft manufacturing in low-wage economies 2005-2009 (PMI Media Ltd) 2010.

In 2007 he left CANSO to concentrate on developing aerospace consultancy and market report company PMI Media Ltd. Over the next two years he developed the Aviation Supply Chain Intelligence database, to map global trends in aerospace manufacturing.