IoT Summits – GSMA Thrive Asia Pacific 2020

IoT Summits – GSMA Thrive Asia Pacific 2020

Start: Tuesday 3 November 2020 10:00

End: Thursday 5 November 2020 12:30

Venue: Online

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GSMA Thrive is a virtual event platform brought to you from the people behind MWC. It aspires to give you a new kind of experience, as we adapt to the challenges of physical distancing. It unleashes the best of the mobile industry, bringing you unparalleled thought leadership and unique perspectives. It tackles the tough challenges of our fast changing world, shining a light ahead, so you can seize the moments that drive innovation.


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Agenda - Smart Cities Agenda - Manufacturing Speaker Resources NewsVideo Trailer 

Draft Agenda

IoT Summit – What 5G IoT Means for Smart Cities and Enterprises | 3 November 2020 | 14:30 – 15:30 (GMT+8)

Asia Pacific share of IoT revenue in 2020 this will further increase to 38% by 2025 as government stimulus plans help digital transformation efforts across the region. Have the cities and enterprises embraced the technology to realise the benefits?
Topic Speaker
IoT revenue: state of the market 2020 and COVID-19 To be announced
Keynote: Smart City
Connectivity is an enabling technology for the IoT, and as smart cities essentially rely on the IoT for data-driven, interconnected and intelligent means. What are the use cases and learnings today? Would 5G bring the smart cities unprecedented benefits?
To be announced
Transportation & Building:
With the advent of 5G SA network supporting low-latency, responsive, secured and high-throughput mobile connectivity, cellular networks are expected to be able to provide even more precise, safe and reliable communications.
To be announced
Massive IoT and AI is essential to support self production ambition in large population APAC countries. Learn how it can be realized step by step with strategic partnership
To be announced
Q&A and Wrap Up


IoT Summit – How 5G IoT is Transforming Manufacturing | 3 November 2020 | 16:00 – 17:00 (GMT+8)

Manufacturing is undergoing a major generational shift. Industry 4.0, the digitisation and advancement of the manufacturing processes and ecosystem, is set to create far more flexible, efficient and sustainable production lines. 5G for IoT underpins this transformation by enabling manufacturing companies and their supply chain partners the opportunity to utilise emerging technologies such as AI, AR/VR, robotics to give vastly improved visibility over all aspects of their business.
Topic Speaker
Keynote 1: IoT Revenue Share in Applications, Platforms and Services:
IoT’s values lie in the data generated. Applications and services using the insights generated from this data will enable end users to reap additional benefits of streamlined operations and cost savings. Check how platform and ecosystem leader drive Smart manufacturing.
To be announced
Keynote 2: 5G IoT Ecosystem for Manufacturers To be announced
Keynote 3: 5G Smart Factory Solution To be announced
Keynote 4: 5G Security for Manufacturing To be announced
Panel: Partner to Address 5G Factory Deployment Challenges To be announced
Wrap Up

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APAC Resources

Interview with Jazz Business


Monday 9 Mar 2020 | Asia-Pacific | Resources |

[Mobile World Live] Mr.Ali Fahd, Head of B2B Marketing, Jazz Business discusses Pakistan’s opportunities for IoT development and the different roles that the company can play in various industries in the country.

Interview with Grammeenphone


Friday 6 Mar 2020 | Asia-Pacific | Resources |

[Mobile World Live] Mr. Solaiman Alam, Chief Digital Strategy Officer, talks about Grameenphone’s efforts to progress in the IoT market.

Internet of Things Case Studies – Leading the World of Innovation in Asia-Pacific


Saturday 29 Feb 2020 | 5G | Asia-Pacific | Both Technologies | Manufacturing | MIoT Technology | Mobile IoT | Resources | Smart Cities | Smart Cities Transport | Smart Cities Utilities |

Produced by the GSMA’s APAC IoT Partnership Programme, this report consists of 17 case studies showing how mobile operators are expanding the Internet of Things (IoT) into many more sectors of the economy.

Demo Interviews with Experts at Mobile 360 – Digital Societies 2019


Thursday 16 Jan 2020 |

Hear from the IoT industry experts in Asia-Pacific how cellular connectivities, including 5G, LTE, LTE-M and NB-IoT are applied to innovative IoT solutions in various industry verticals.

APAC IoT Innovation Summit 2019 – Watch On-Demand


Thursday 26 Sep 2019 | 5G | Asia-Pacific | MIoT Technology | Resources |

As part of the Mobile 360 - Digital Societies 2019, the APAC IoT Innovation Summit took place on Thursday, 26 September 2019 ...

GSMA Partnership Programme Expands to Create the Largest IoT Community in Asia Pacific

Press Release

Wednesday 25 Sep 2019 | Asia-Pacific |

32 Operators in 16 Countries Creating Innovative IoT Solutions; APAC IoT market to Reach 11 billion Connections by 2025 London: The GSMA APAC IoT Partnership Programme has expanded to include more than thirty mobile operators making it the largest IoT...

The 4th Dimension of Space by Diomedes Kastanis, Singtel


Tuesday 20 Aug 2019 | Asia-Pacific | MIoT Technology | NB-IoT | Resources | Smart Cities Environment |

Singtel IoT demonstrates the applicability of a 4-dimensional digital harmony – an integration of Singtel’s AI-driven IoT network, people, space, and things – to smart buildings, and how it increases productivity, improves cost efficiency, and...

Interview with Chamith Hettiarachchi on Mobitel’s IoT Strategy


Sunday 21 Jul 2019 | Asia-Pacific | Resources |

Chamith Hettiarachchi, Head of Business Solutions of Mobitel talked with David Turkington, Head of Technology - APAC, GSMA at MWC19 Shanghai regarding their IoT strategy in the region. For more details about GSMA Asia Pacific, ...

Interview with Gerhard Loots on Telstra’s IoT Strategy


Sunday 21 Jul 2019 | Asia-Pacific | Resources |

Gerhard Loots, IoT Products and Service Design Executive of Telstra talked with Julian Gorman, Head of ...

Network-First IoT and Artificial Intelligence Platform – Singtel


Tuesday 26 Mar 2019 | Asia-Pacific | MIoT Technology | NB-IoT | Resources | Smart Cities Environment |

Diomedes Kastanis, Head of IoT at Singtel, explains how the data collected from IoT sensors through Mobile IoT (LTE-M & NB-IoT) networks is collected and analysed on their voice-activated artificial intelligence platform. [button ...

Presentation Decks: APAC IoT Innovation Summit 2019


Thursday 3 Oct 2019 | 5G | Asia-Pacific | Both Technologies | MIoT Technology | Resources |

APAC IoT Innovation Summit 2019 welcomed 36 industry experts to share insights into 5G, IoT Capability Beyond Connectivity, IoT Ecosystem, Mobile IoT (LTE-M, NB-IoT) and key industry use cases.

Mobile IoT Case Study: How Asia Pacific Intelligently Connects to IoT


Monday 18 Feb 2019 | Asia-Pacific | LTE-M | NB-IoT | Resources | Smart Cities Environment | Smart Cities Transport | Smart Cities Utilities |

This report shows how LTE-M and NB-IoT are being deployed in the Asia Pacific region. Drawing on interviews with mobile operators and their partners, the report describes six very different Mobile IoT applications. These case studies ...

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APAC Industry News

Innovative IoT Showcase at Mobile 360 in Asia-Pacific: Partnership Enables Mobile Industry’s Expansion Beyond Connectivity

The IoT’s increasingly rapid growth has opened up vast new opportunities for operators to look beyond their traditional commercial horizons as providers of connectivity – as countless services, devices and objects come online for the first time.  While provision of ...

Operators Gather in Kuala Lumpur to Consider Expanding Roles Beyond Connectivity

Asia Pacific (APAC) has a key role to play in the expansion of operator roles beyond connectivity. This region is by far the most connected region on earth: with 120 Mobile IoT networks now deployed worldwide, more than a quarter at 37 are in APAC, which accounts for a ...

NTT DoCoMo Rolls out LTE-M Across Japan

Following launch of LTE-M in October 2018, NTT DoCoMo achieved population coverage of 99.8% across Japan by spring of 2019. The carrier, which is Japan’s largest, now plans to work on rolling out NB-IoT over the coming year.  NTT DoCoMo has formed alliances with partner ...

Beyond Connectivity: Operators Look Beyond Traditional Roles as the IoT Expands

Mobile network operators are increasingly looking beyond their traditional commercial horizons, as IoT growth positions them to provide end-to-end services and platforms directly, rather than simply the connectivity to enable them. Until relatively recently the vast bulk of ...

A Rapidly Growing Ecosystem Meets: the APAC IoT Partnership Programme comes to Taipei

It’s now widely recognised in the mobile industry that Asia Pacific (APAC) is the world’s foremost growth region in IoT, representing 40% of the total global spend last year.  37 of the world’s 110 Mobile IoT networks are deployed in Asia Pacific across 12 countries, and ...

Mobile IoT Doubled in Range – Without the Need for Hardware Upgrades

Mobile IoT has turned a corner: one that makes connection of even the remotest areas, such as those in rural Australia, all the more feasible.  Last month a partnership between Ericsson and Telstra successfully tested a deployment of NB-IoT fully 100km away from the nearest ...

Intelligent Connectivity Top of the Agenda in Bangkok as Asia Pacific Leads the Way in IoT

Asia Pacific is now the world’s foremost growth region for IoT, representing 40% of the world’s total spend in 2018: mass installation of sensors, cameras and other connected devices will bring investment above $291 billion this year, up 12% from $260 billion in 2017. ...

Operators Move Beyond Connectivity in the IoT Era as Asia Pulls Ahead

The Internet of Things is well on the way to transforming our lives – connecting devices across vast areas at low cost to make our working lives more productive, our cities smarter, and our travel safer and more efficient. Much of the growth in IoT – particularly in ...

Asia-Pacific’s Ongoing Proliferation of Mobile IoT Deployments Cements its Status as World’s Most Connected Region

Mobile IoT’s growth across Asia-Pacific continues apace, in line with predictions made by PwC and the GSMA that, by 2020, the continent will become the world’s most connected region.  GSMA Intelligence shows that Asia-Pacific continues to prove the world’s fastest-growing ...

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