IoT Big Data API Directory

The IoT Big Data API Directory lets you find details of IoT and context data sets available from multiple sources worldwide. The current data sets focus on the areas of machines, devices, automotive, roads, environment, smart home and agriculture.

All the data sets available are harmonised and these common data entity models can also be viewed on our IoT Big Data API Directory. Common APIs are used to access the data. You can find the API specification for data access below.


How to use the IoT Big Data API Directory

If you are an application developer, you can browse or search the available data sets using the main search form. Each data set will have various information including the description of the data; URLs to documentation and the data set source; and information about the provider of that data.

If you are a data provider interested in publishing information about your data please email

About the IoT Big Data API Directory

The IoT Big Data API Directory was developed to help accelerate the IoT Big Data ecosystem by publishing and signposting harmonised data entities that are available from worldwide data providers; through harmonised APIs to the broad IoT ecosystem. For more information visit /iot/iot-big-data/


To provide feedback on the harmonised data models, email