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Making smart cities and IoT a reality in Latin America: a quick guide for decision-makers

The Internet of Things brings about an enormous opportunity for Latin America. The total revenue opportunity for the region by 2023 is USD 33 billion, according to GSMA Intelligence. However, the overall impact on GDP is likely to be a lot more substantial. For Brazil alone, ...

Consulta publica sobre internet de las cosas

GSMA response to the public consultation from ENACOM (Argentinian telecom regulator) on the IoT (In Spanish). This response highlights the significant potential socio-economic benefits that the IoT can generate and the key differences from traditional voice and data ...

GSMA Response to US Dept of Commerce Consultation on IoT

GSMA response to NTIA consultation/US Department of commerce consultation on IoT, contains high level position on a wide variety of horizontal GSMA positions on IoT. Download

GSMA response to BEREC

GSMA response to the draft BEREC Report for public consultation on enabling the Internet of Things. Download

An Overview of American IoT Markets, Submission to CITEL

Policy Recommendation on IoT. The description should be: CITEL’s recommendation to its member states to incentivise greater adoption of IoT/M2M Services in the CITEL member States. Download

PwC Report: Realising the Benefits of Mobile-Enabled IoT Solutions

A PWC study sizing the social and economic benefits that IoT will generate, explaining the key differences between traditional telecoms and IoT, and the need for relevant, flexible, balanced and technology neutral regulatory policies. Download

GSMA and PA Consulting’s Positions on Policy and regulation

Healthcare policies and regulation are often cited as key barriers to bringing mobile health services to market. This paper examines how these issues are driven by factors specific to the  healthcare environment and goes on to identify themes that would support the ...