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The Connected Living guide to the Internet of Things


Friday 10 Jun 2016 | Internet of Things – general | Resources |

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues its rapid expansion, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date with the IoT’s emerging technologies and market opportunities. The Connected Living Guide is a concise and instructive guide to the ...

Surfing with the sharks – Securing the Internet of Things


Monday 23 May 2016 | IoT Security | Resources |

By 2020, 26 billion connected devices will operate around the globe forming the Internet of Things offering huge opportunities to companies that get it right. But hackers pose a serious threat to this future and companies need to ...

Simplifying the adoption of compliant M2M solutions


Sunday 24 Apr 2016 | Remote Provisioning | Resources |

The GSMA Embedded SIM Specification from a large number of global auto manufacturers suggests that it is on the way to becoming the de-facto standard mechanism for the remote provisioning and management of machine to machine (M2M) connections.

What happens when an M2M customer wants to change from one operator to another?


Thursday 14 Apr 2016 | Remote Provisioning | Resources |

One of the most significant advances made in the IoT and M2M industries has been the development of Remote SIM Provisioning, which allows the “over the air” ...

An Interview with the IoT Security Experts


Thursday 7 Apr 2016 | IoT Security | Resources |

In this short video, discover why the IoT industry is uniting to meet the IoT security challenge. A wide range of experts discuss the most important issues in IoT security and explain why they back the

IoT Device Connection Efficiency Test Book Version 3.0


Wednesday 6 Apr 2016 | IoT Connection Efficiency | Resources |

This document outlines the test cases that would need to be passed by an IoT Device and its incorporated Communications Modules in order for it to be considered compliant with the requirements stated ...

IoT Device Connection Efficiency Guidelines Version 3.0


Wednesday 6 Apr 2016 | IoT Connection Efficiency | Resources |

In IoT scenarios IoT Device firmware and software play a significant part in determining the overall performance and behaviour of the IoT Service on the mobile network. With no human intervention to fall back upon, the mechanisms that ...

Transforming the connected car market


Thursday 24 Mar 2016 | Automotive & Mobility | Remote Provisioning | Resources |

The connected car a huge market opportunity for auto manufacturers, operators and connected service providers and of one the main growth areas of M2M and IoT. According to Machina Research, the total global revenue for the Connected ...

Video: Unleashing the Power of Global IoT Data


Friday 18 Mar 2016 | Big Data | Resources |

The technology we use in our lives constantly generates data. With 90% of the world’s data having been produced over the last two years, there is an exciting opportunity to create  next generation IoT ...

Video: Accelerating the IoT with Low Power Wide Area Networks


Tuesday 1 Mar 2016 | Mobile IoT Initiative | Resources |

As trusted providers of managed network solutions, mobile operators and their ecosystem partners are uniquely placed to extend and securely scale the IoT. The GSMA Mobile IoT Initiative, backed by 30 of the world’s leading mobile ...

Mobile Internet of Things Industry paper


Tuesday 1 Mar 2016 | Mobile IoT Initiative | Resources |

The growing usage of connected devices, machines and vehicles is making organisations more effective and enriching the lives of individuals. To support the development of this Internet of Things (the ...

Webinar highlights: Securing the future of the IoT


Wednesday 10 Feb 2016 | IoT Security | Resources |

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) will create thousands of new services that will connect billions of new IoT devices over the next decade. High profile hacks and data breaches are drawing attention to potential ...

GSMA IoT Security Guidelines – Complete Document Set


Tuesday 9 Feb 2016 | Both Technologies | IoT Security | MIoT Technology | Resources |

The GSMA IoT Security Guidelines promote best practice for the secure design, development and deployment of secure IoT services throughout their lifecycles. The documents provide recommendations on how to mitigate common security ...

KDDI’s 4G Empowers Japan’s Utilities


Monday 8 Feb 2016 | Mobile IoT Initiative | Resources | Smart Cities | Smart Cities Resources | Smart Cities Utilities |

By enabling utilities and their customers to monitor and control electricity and gas usage in real-time, smart meters are transforming the energy industry. Mobile technologies and services can provide cost-effective, reliable and ...

The Electricity Grid of the Future


Monday 8 Feb 2016 | Resources | Smart Cities | Smart Cities Resources | Smart Cities Utilities |

In future, many homes and business will use solar panels, wind turbines and other new technologies to generate energy, as well as consume it. To efficiently manage the many sources of supply and demand, utility companies will need a ...

Connected Living at Mobile World Congress 2016


Thursday 21 Jan 2016 | Internet of Things – general | Resources |

Download the Connected Living guide to Mobile World Congress ...

Telefónica helps car rental firms boost revenue


Friday 15 Jan 2016 | Automotive & Mobility | Resources | Smart Cities |

This case study looks at a Telefónica-developed specialist telematics solution which enables car rental companies to maximise both the time vehicles are on hire and the resale value of their fleet. Part of Telefónica’s Fleet Management ...

EE helps bring safer driving to the UK’s roads


Tuesday 12 Jan 2016 | Automotive & Mobility | Resources |

This case study examines how UK mobile operator EE is collaborating with insurance companies to provide drivers with a tailored policy that reflects their driving style and the miles they cover. Fitted inside the driver’s vehicle, a ...

Unlocking the Value of IoT Through Big Data


Friday 11 Dec 2015 | Big Data | Resources |

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly expanding worldwide, and will continue to grow in the years to come. There is as yet untapped potential for the generation of new services to be enabled via the rich sets of data available in the ...

Webinar: The Embedded SIM – creating new business opportunities for you in the IoT


Wednesday 9 Dec 2015 | Remote Provisioning | Resources |

Over the last year the GSMA has been removing barriers to adoption of embedded SIM technology to support new business opportunities and allow more devices to become connected than ever before as part of the growth of the Internet of ...