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APAC 5G Case Study – 5G Brings Autonomous Robots to Life by AIS


Thursday 31 Mar 2022 | 5G | 5G | Artificial Intelligence | Asia-Pacific | Manufacturing | Resources |

AIS’s private 5G network enables robots to transport goods across manufacturing plants

Case Studies – 5G in Verticals in China 2022


Wednesday 30 Mar 2022 | 5G | Artificial Intelligence | Big Data Analytics | Edge Computing | Greater China | Manufacturing | Manufacturing Technology | Private & Dedicated Networks | Resources | Security |

2021 is a key year for 5G to score initial success and further fledge. Globally, 5G is steadily growing to become a mobile technology with the fastest commercialisation speed in history. Now, China takes the lead world-widely in the ...

Smart Mobility Summit at MWC Barcelona 2022


Wednesday 23 Mar 2022 | 5G | Automotive & Mobility | Autonomous Driving | C-V2X | Mobility | Resources | Security |

The Smart Mobility Summit brought together leading industry experts to discuss the near and long-term future of Smart Mobility, key technological drivers including 5G, C-V2X and MEC, and the role of data and information in creating smarter travel.

eSIM Summit – MWC Barcelona 2022


Tuesday 22 Mar 2022 | Remote Provisioning | Resources |

According to the GSMA intelligence “eSIM: State of the consumer market and the road ahead” report by 2025, 2.4 billion smartphone connections will use eSIM globally. As market adoption grows and eSIM becomes part of day-to-day ...

Aviation Summit – MWC Barcelona 2022


Tuesday 22 Mar 2022 | Advanced Air Mobility | GSMA Foundry | Resources |

Watch the Aviation Summit - MWC Barcelona 2022 on demand. Senior MNOs and specialist service providers give their unique perspectives on the challenges faced in new business development.

5G IoT Summit at MWC Barcelona 2022


Saturday 19 Mar 2022 | 5G | Both Technologies | MIoT Technology | Resources |

Reinventing the World with IoT in the 5G Era The Internet of Things technologies have enabled connections between technology and people. With Massive IoT fully embracing the benefits of 5G and Licensed LPWA ...

APAC 5G Industry Community Workshop – Leading Indonesia and ASEAN towards Industry 4.0 through Data-Driven Approach


Friday 18 Mar 2022 | 5G | Artificial Intelligence | Asia-Pacific | Big Data Analytics | Manufacturing Technology | Resources |

This virtual workshop brought together specialists and regulators from the APAC 5G Industry ecosystem which included government and agency, mobile network operators, manufacturers and enterprises. Topics include: ...

Manufacturing Summit at MWC Barcelona 2022


Thursday 10 Mar 2022 | 5G | Artificial Intelligence | Big Data Analytics | Edge Computing | Manufacturing | Manufacturing Technology | Private & Dedicated Networks | Resources |

At MWC22, the GSMA has partnered with some of the most reputable and knowledgeable industry experts from mobile operators, manufacturers and vendors to discuss and share the latest insights in the current status and future of 5G IoT Manufacturing in Indust

GSMA Foundry Case Study: Rising to the Connectivity Challenge


Monday 7 Mar 2022 | 5G | Advanced Air Mobility | GSMA Foundry | Resources |

This trial by Telefónica and Unmanned Life, (part of the GSMA Foundry project '5G Autonomous Drones') shows how 5G can enable autonomous drones to operate safely and efficiently.

GSMA Whitepaper – Improving Energy Efficiency for Mobile IoT


Tuesday 1 Mar 2022 | Both Technologies | MIoT Technology | Resources |

This document provides insight into the energy efficiency capabilities of the 5G Mobile IoT technologies LTE-M and NB-IoT. It describes some of the key energy efficiency features available to devices using these technologies, tools and measurement scenario

APAC 5G Case Study – Enabling Digital Healthcare by HKT & CUHK Medical Centre


Friday 25 Feb 2022 | 5G | Asia-Pacific | Resources |

HKT collaborates with CUHK Medical Centre to create a 5G smart hospital for remote consultation, remote training and tele-medicine

IoT WebTalk: Getting to Smart: Deploying and Operating 5G IoT for Industry 4.0


Wednesday 19 Jan 2022 | 5G | Manufacturing | Private & Dedicated Networks | Resources |

Smart manufacturing IoT connections will reach 1.5 billion by 2025. 5G IoT has the potential to play a significant role in the future of manufacturing, accounting for 17% licensed IoT connections (

Mobile 360 APAC – 5G Industry Community Summit


Thursday 28 Oct 2021 | 5G | Asia-Pacific | Both Technologies | Health | Manufacturing | MIoT Technology | Resources |

A Digital Transformation Partner Ecosystem That Makes Your Business Thrive GSMA forecasts 5G will contribute $2.2 trillion to the global economy by 2034, benefitting the most from the new technology for digital ...

Mobile 360 APAC – ‘Digital Enterprises’ IoT Session


Thursday 28 Oct 2021 | 5G | Asia-Pacific | Both Technologies | Manufacturing | MIoT Technology | Resources |

Learn how to deliver secure global IoT services with 4G and 5G networks for enterprise's needs The global number of cellular IoT subscribers increased by 12 percent during 2020 to reach 1.74 billion, despite the negative ...

Mobile 360 APAC – The Connected Skies – Where are the Commercial Opportunities?


Thursday 28 Oct 2021 | Advanced Air Mobility | Asia-Pacific | Resources |

Mobile connectivity in the skies has opened up beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) capabilities, creating new opportunities that were never possible before or not commercially viable. For example, streamlined search & rescue ...

IoT WebTalk: Enabling 5G Autonomous Robots in the Factory


Monday 27 Sep 2021 | 5G | Artificial Intelligence | Manufacturing | North America | Resources |

Digital transformation is enabling the fourth industrial revolution; where interconnectivity and interoperability can deliver large scale automation and process orchestration for manufacturing and the wider industrial ...

Enterprise Opportunity 2021


Tuesday 21 Sep 2021 | 5G | Manufacturing | Resources |

The pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital as enterprises have adjusted to a ‘new normal’ to ensure business continuity. This has resulted in changes to supply chains and business models, such as enterprises enhancing their online presence or using

Saying goodbye to legacy networks, but what’s next for IoT?


Thursday 16 Sep 2021 | Resources |

The pace of 2G/3G network shutdowns is increasing as operators look to optimise their network operations and costs, and to refarm spectrum for 4G and 5G. Most recently, Telefónica Deutschland (O2) announced it is accelerating the shutdown of its 3G network

APAC Connected Drone Workshop – Integration of Mobile, Aviation and Drone Industries


Tuesday 31 Aug 2021 | Advanced Air Mobility | Asia-Pacific | Internet of Things – general | Resources |

This virtual event brought together mobile, drone and aviation experts, including mobile network operators, regulators, drone manufacturers and specialist service providers from across the UAV ecosystem.

The sun sets on 2G and 3G networks as operators look to the future


Friday 6 Aug 2021 | Both Technologies | Resources |

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