Mobile IoT

Low power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies will play an important role for connecting IoT devices. For example they will cater for the specific needs that smart cities solutions will need: cheap connectivity, low bandwidth, wide area served.
The number of IoT Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) devices is set to rise dramatically in the near future.   There are estimates of almost 1 billion devices by 2021 (Machina Research 2016) with potential revenues up to  14 Billion USD (Strategy Analytics).
While not all these devices will be on cellular network based LPWA solutions, the GSMA backed Mobile IoT set of technologies can really make a difference in promoting adoption.
The key benefits of adopting a Mobile IoT technology are in terms of:

Global coverage
Security and quality of service

All this can be achieved using a set of 3GPP standards that will work in existing spectrum bands.

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Mobile IoT Initiative

To support the further growth and development of the Internet of Things (the IoT) the mobile industry is developing and standardising a new class of GSM technologies. LPWA networks will support devices requiring low mobility, low power consumption, long range, low cost and ...

GSMA response to OFCA Hong Kong

GSMA position on the HK regulator proposal to modify the spectrum licensing regime in relation to the provision of IoT services Download