Spectrum is used to carry information wirelessly for a vast number of vital services ranging from mobile phones and Wi-Fi to terrestrial and satellite broadcasting. The mobile industry depends on internationally harmonised spectrum to provide affordable services to billions of people and connected devices. Without sufficient spectrum, that is made available under the right conditions, the mobile industry cannot deliver the connectivity on which the digital economy depends.

The GSMA works to ensure that mobile operators have timely, affordable and fair access to sufficient spectrum to meet rapidly growing demand for mobile broadband and Internet of Things (IoT) services. The viability of cellular-based IoT is contingent on governments adopting a positive regulatory framework, especially as it pertains to mobile spectrum.  The GSMA’s position is that:

Regulators should adopt a service/technology neutral framework to support cellular IoT Licensed spectrum is vital in order to deliver the most reliable, high quality IoT services Licensed spectrum has the capacity and coverage capabilities to support IoT growth International spectrum harmonisation is vital for a global, affordable cellular IoT market Regulators should work with the mobile industry to support IoT in 5G spectrum planning

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