M1 launches commercial nationwide NB-IoT network

M1 launched its commercial nationwide NB-IoT network in early August 2017, delivering secure, reliable, power efficient ubiquitous connectivity to its customers. With the launch of M1’s NB-IoT network, solution providers and businesses can now develop and deploy new IoT-enabled solutions.

To accelerate deployment, M1 and its partners have made available IoT solutions such as smart energy management for buildings, environmental monitoring, asset tracking and fleet management. M1 will be working closely with government agencies, technology partners, and customers to enable smart solutions for everything and everyone.

In collaboration with M1, Keppel Electric is piloting the NB-IoT-enabled energy management meter. This will help it deploy power and water meters to its customers’ premises faster and more cost-effectively. The advanced connected meters Keppel is deploying will also further enable its commercial, industrial and residential customers to track their energy usage and enjoy other capabilities not available in traditional meters.