Innovation City to exhibit state of the art IoT solutions

This year’s GSMA Innovation City will feature a huge of array pioneering IoT solutions across a number of verticals, highlighting the rapid progress the industry has made over the last year. As well as underscoring technological advances, featured demonstrations serve as an excellent example of how industry-wide collaboration is enabling a world of rich, new possibilities.

A range of interactive Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWA) demonstrations will show how such networks allow connectivity in remote and ‘deep indoor’ locations. This has the potential to greatly benefit many sectors including utilities and logistics/transport, both of which will be featured inside the Innovation City. Another key feature of LPWA technology is its capability to operate with low data rates and low power – this is to be exhibited in a GPS-based pet tracking demo, which allows pet owners to check the location of their pet from their smartphone, tablet or computer.

The latest advances of the auto sector will also be on display in the form of a connected Jaguar F-Pace, which will showcase a range of connected car services. Jaguar Land Rover is one of many automakers that have recently backed the GSMA Embedded SIM Specification, enabling them to remotely provision connectivity over the air to vehicles with an operator of their choice. It will help to deliver a range of in-vehicle services such as infotainment, real-time navigation, insurance and breakdown services, as well as telematics and remote diagnostics.

Korean operator KT will also be showing the rapidly evolving nature of the auto sector with their ‘Big Data Analytics Service’ demo. This in-car IoT data service uses data extracted from KT On Board Devices (OBD) (such as location, vehicle warning and fault data) and external local data like weather or traffic information to develop local market insights at an enterprise level. The end user will also receive an analytics service allowing them to monitor their vehicles’ health.

With the security of the IoT being an outstanding part of the industry’s recent narrative, Telenor Connexion and Ericsson will be showcasing new advances in IoT security with an agricultural demo underpinned by the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines.

As well as these cutting edge displays, the Innovation City will host a raft of additional IoT solutions that demonstrate how Mobile Network Operators’ unique ability to provide secure and reliable wide-area connectivity continues to enable the delivery of new connected services for businesses and consumers alike.

Connected Living demonstrations will be located in the GSMA Innovation City, in Hall 3, 3A11 & 3A31 at Mobile World Congress 2016. To see the complete range of Connected Living activities at Mobile World Congress, please click here.