APAC 5G Industry Community Workshop – Leading Indonesia and ASEAN towards Industry 4.0 through Data-Driven Approach

Friday 18 Mar 2022 | 5G | Artificial Intelligence | Asia-Pacific | Big Data Analytics | Manufacturing Technology | Resources |

This virtual workshop brought together specialists and regulators from the APAC 5G Industry ecosystem which included government and agency, mobile network operators, manufacturers and enterprises. Topics include:

  • Manufacturing Landscape
  • How Indonesia Government drives Digital Industry 4.0
  • How 5G and IoT tech will transform manufacturing
  • Pioneer examples
  • Panel discussion on how we can accelerate digital transformation with policy, technology, ecosystem and partnership

ASEAN is the fastest growing internet market in the world. ASEAN digital economy expected to add over $1 trillion to regional GDP in next 10 years. Countries and MNOs in Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia have begun their 5G Journey. ASEAN has made bold steps towards a Digital ASEAN with the ASEAN Digital Masterplan. 5G promises to unlock an unprecedented wealth of potential use cases and incremental value in ASEAN, however decisive policy and regulatory decisions will be necessary to motivate industries using new technologies, solve spectrum, cross border business and cybersecurity concerns.

Manufacturing is one of the key industry contributing huge economy benefits. 3.4 times grows in Smart manufacturing IoT connection, reaching 1.5 billion globally by 2025 – the fastest growth rate of all the enterprise IoT verticals. The pandemic has exacerbated existing challenges and pain points for manufacturers, highlighting the need to for automation, robots, remote control, improve supply-chain resilience and boost production speed and flexibility.

APAC 5G Industry community is a new ecosystem established for stakeholders including government & agencies, industry associations, mobile network providers, enterprises & industry players, solution providers, analyst & consultants who are seeking opportunities to deliver Industry 4.0 and digital transformation from 5G networks, edge-cloud services and enterprise IoT, AI application. The community creates 3 Industry Interest group including Manufacturing, Healthcare and Logistics, port and transportation that open for industry participation.

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