China Mobile Streetlighting – Internet of Things Case Study

Tuesday 27 Mar 2018 | Greater China | Resources | Smart Cities | Smart Cities Environment | Smart Cities Resources | Smart Cities Safety |

China Mobile Streetlighting – Internet of Things Case Study image

LED streetlighting is transforming the urban environment and making maintenance and control of streetlights more straightforward. In the past, sodium lamps have been expensive to install and maintain, requiring manual inspection and manual controls. Across China, these traditional lighting methods are being replaced by intelligent LED lighting. LED lighting is easier to control and cheaper to operate, and by connecting the lamps to a control centre, dynamic control can be achieved, removing the need for manual inspections and interventions.

China Mobile has a 2G/GPRS powered smart street lighting service already available. This has been deployed in a number of cities including the city of Longnan, the city of Bahzou and the Wudang district of the city of Guizhou. The China Mobile solution can integrate various kinds of sensor into the connected street lamp, including environmental, traffic and security monitoring, making full use of the connectivity nodes.