Digital Healthcare Interoperability Report

Monday 17 Oct 2016 | Health | IoT Knowledgebase | IoT Policy and Regulations | Resources |

Digital Healthcare Interoperability Report image

To realise the projected healthcare benefits of Digital Health solutions, interoperability is required at foundational, structural and, most importantly, semantic levels. This enables the secure, reliable and consistent exchange of data between devices, applications and platforms. It also facilitates the seamless design and integration of services, for ease of use by the patient, the clinician and the consumer. Semantic interoperability is an essential requirement, making sure that any data exchanged across devices and systems is understood, interpreted and acted upon in the correct manner.

This document, authored by the GSMA, with input from mobile operators from around the world, assesses existing global standards, and provides recommendations as to how interoperability can be realised when implementing Digital Health services.

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