Environmental Agency: Flood Case Study

Thursday 15 Sep 2016 | Smart Cities Environment | Smart Cities Resources |

Environmental Agency: Flood Case Study image

In December 2015, the UK experienced its wettest month in a century. The Environment Agency wanted to improve the efficiency of service visits, enabling engineers to be ready to move at a moment’s notice. It wanted to prioritise visits and to build early-warning systems. Many of these culverts are in remote, hard to reach locations. They require a great deal of time and money to visit. EA is working with iDefigo Group, a remote monitoring specialist, and Vodafone’s Global M2M platform. A network of smart cameras, each connected to a central platform and powered by small, solar panels, provide regular, accurate updates. The cameras send regular images of infrastructure, the bridges, culverts and drains, to support regular visits by engineers. These can be viewed centrally, or by engineers on the move via a mobile device
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