Making Way for Green Energy with Telia NB-IoT

Wednesday 5 Feb 2020 | MIoT Technology | NB-IoT |

Making Way for Green Energy with Telia NB-IoT image

By using NB IoT to connect sensors on powerlines, Heimdall Power and Telia are enabling grid owners to monitor true grid capacity in real time, and make way for green energy.

Power grids are designed for constant energy sources, but wind and solar energy vary depending on the weather conditions. To make sure that all the green energy can be used, the grid needs to be able to adapt in real-time. But for that, grid owners and power companies require real-time capacity monitoring of powerlines – even in some of the most remote parts of the world.

That’s where Heimdall Power comes in. They have developed sensors that deliver real-time visibility of the capacity running through powerlines. This lets grid owners increase the capacity of the grid by up to 25% overall. It also lets them prioritize green energy sources ahead of fossil fuel generation to make the grid more sustainable. And they’re using Telia NB-IoT to connect it.