Mobilizing Intelligent Transport Systems Report

Wednesday 9 Sep 2015 | Resources | Smart Cities | Smart Cities Resources | Smart Cities Transport |

Mobilizing Intelligent Transport Systems Report image

The transport sector is one of the fastest growing verticals in the IoT and one in which operators can play a key role.

The Mobilizing Intelligent Transport Systems Report is an adapted version of the Intelligent Transport Systems for Mobile Report released in June 2015. This adapted report is more concise yet still provides an exhaustive and rigorous account of how IoT solutions can serve ITS.  In so doing, the report examines a number of case studies, helping readers to better understand the ITS landscape and how appropriate policy and regulation can aid the deployment of ITS solutions.

The report concludes that mobile network operators (MNOs) have a crucial a role to play in ITS. They should partner with or acquire technology companies, consultancies or systems integrators to facilitate solutions, including connecting city infrastructure and individuals’ handsets to central servers and databases, combining data from multiple sources to produce new insights; delivering real-time information to people and machines, and providing customer support operations, such as call centres and web portals – though a prerequisite is the adaptation of the cellular network standards to facilitate these new services.

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