Digital Industries Partner Spotlight – Jacob Groote, EVP Innovation & Partnerships, KPN

Friday 20 May 2022 | 5G | Artificial Intelligence | Big Data Analytics | Digital Industries Partner Spotlights | Manufacturing | Resources |

Industry 4.0 and 5G Human Machine Interaction

Jacob Groote, EVP Innovation & Partnerships of KPN shares his insights about the role of human-machine interaction in the digital transformation of manufacturing, how 5G enables human-machine interaction and the KPN approach in smart manufacturing.


Jacob Groote

EVP 5G & Joint Chair of GSMA Digital Industries Forum, KPN

Jacob joined the KPN Research lab in 1990, after finishing his PhD in Physics. The main topics of his research at KPN were how to use Artificial Intelligence tools within network and service management as well as how to improve billing and customer services within KPN.

Later he held several management positions within different departments. He was member of the board of BU Carrier Services responsible for process and system development and implementation. He was responsible for architecture development and implementation in the department of Fixed Operations.

His career continued as member of the board of Division Fixed where he was responsible for all IT projects as CIO of the division. Later on he moved to different positions within operational departments and serving especially business customers of KPN.

Since April 2012 he is responsible for Mobile Operations, including quality management of all mobile services and service development and roll-out of new technologies. In April 2014, he finished the roll-out of KPN’s nationwide 4G network, which was completed in 15 months. Since January 2016, he is heading the department of Service Platforms within KPN NIO, and is responsible for overall quality and technical product management and innovation of KPN’s services including TV, VOLTE, Roaming, etc.

Recently he moved from the Operations to the Commercial part of KPN. Product management Business Market are his responsibilities within the Business Market division. After the summer break of 2019 he started with the business implementation of KPN’s 5G services.

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