Talk to 5G Manufacturing Experts – Elise Neel, Senior Vice President, New Business Incubation, Verizon

Wednesday 20 Apr 2022 | 5G | Artificial Intelligence | Digital Industries Partner Spotlights | Edge Computing | Manufacturing | Private & Dedicated Networks | Resources |

Hot Trends in 5G Manufacturing

Elise Neel, Senior Vice President, New Business Incubation of Verizon shares her insights about the trends in smart manufacturing and how Verizon is responding to those trends.


Elise Neel

Senior Vice President, New Business Incubation, Verizon

Elise Neel, Senior Vice President, Verizon New Business Incubation, is harnessing her fiercely curious builder mindset to scale new software automation businesses fueled by the orchestration power of the 5G future.

Elise’s team houses industry experts across strategy, product, technology, sales, marketing and R&D in the areas of location technology, aerial and terrestrial robotics, industrial IoT, and other emergent technologies. Bringing to bear her experience in new business development, big data platforms, geospatial intelligence, analytics, and IoT, the transformative work she’s leading is directly fueling Industry 4.0.

In addition to leading New Business Incubation, Elise recently led the Global Lead of the Women’s Association of Verizon Employees (WAVE) employee resource group. With more than 13,000 members in 32 countries, WAVE is a pivotal advocate for women at Verizon, arming members with real-life skills, training, and leadership development opportunities.

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