Interview: Airbus Outlines Smart Sky Challenges

Wednesday 9 Sep 2020 | 5G | Manufacturing |

Airbus outlined the challenges manufacturers face when implementing smart manufacturing processes, highlighting operational integration and inharmonious spectrum approaches across Europe as major hurdles.

Airbus 5G solutions architect Hakim Achouri told Mobile World Live the company’s biggest challenge related to bringing new technology into service and incorporating it into internal operations.

“This incorporates training of operational staff, having the right service segmentation between the upper level, service monitoring, and also the lower level of hardware and software providers” including Nokia and Ericsson, Achouri said.

Airbus, which operates across Europe, also faced obstacles in the form of difficulty accessing licensed spectrum from national regulators, largely due to its span across different locations throughout the region.

“You have to build something that works in a harmonised way across all these different countries, taking into account the challenges of regulation and spectrum,” Achouri explained.

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