Interview: KPN Expects 5G to Solve Manufacturing Challenges

Friday 11 Sep 2020 | 5G | Digital Industries Partner Spotlights | Manufacturing |

KPN tipped the combination of operators’ experience and 5G connectivity to deliver a compelling selling point for enterprises looking to make the move to smart manufacturing.

Jacob Groote, EVP of 5G and the Co-Chair of GSMA 5G IoT for Manufacturing Forum explained operators are uniquely positioned to deliver the ecosystems, connectivity and security elements most businesses are looking for when considering smart strategies, with the next-generation technology itself the final piece of the puzzle in terms of unlocking the next phase of industry.

Doing so involves more than just the “5G network”, he said, explaining “it’s also the connectivity with our IT provider, with the cloud infrastructure provider”. With the mobile network at the heart of this, operators can deliver services which “bring a lot of value” to customers.

Groote, of course, wasn’t playing down the significance of 5G, stating it is “the only answer” to many of the challenges involved in delivering smart manufacturing.

He cited manufacturers’ need for flexibility to meet rapidly changing market requirements, with 5G delivering the reliability required to deploy “fully-digitised, fully automated” production processes.

But there is more at play than just manufacturing. Groote cited trials with oil giant Shell which delivered improvements in inspection and maintenance services, along with opportunities in the agricultural sector.

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