Technology Highlights from MWC Las Vegas 2022 – BeWhere and Trevor Motorcycles

Wednesday 2 Nov 2022 | Asset Tracking | Internet of Things – general | Resources |

Brian Boychuck, Senior VP Sales and Marketing for BeWhere, alongside the founders of Trevor Motorcycles Jeroen-Vincent Nagels and Phillipe Stella, talks about the Power Convergence demo at MWC Las Vegas 2022 – where low power 5G meets a high power electric motorcycle. Real-time tracking, anti-theft and tamper alerts using T-Mobile’s ultra-efficient low-power 5G network and BeWhere’s BeMini. All of these benefits included in sophisticated, low-cost electric motorcycle telematics, with battery level, real-time location and remote shut down. The bike on display is the first Trevor Motorcycle in the USA! Light-weight with tons of torque – it’s a clean, efficient, urban dirt warrior. Find out more: and