The Electricity Grid of the Future

Monday 8 Feb 2016 | Resources | Smart Cities | Smart Cities Resources | Smart Cities Utilities |

The Electricity Grid of the Future image

In future, many homes and business will use solar panels, wind turbines and other new technologies to generate energy, as well as consume it. To efficiently manage the
many sources of supply and demand, utility companies will need a network of connected sensors that provides real-time visibility and control of the electricity grid. Telekom Slovenije and its partners are demonstrating that the mobile phone networks can reliably and securely meet the communications requirements of the future electricity supply grid. As well as using its LTE network to provide cost effective connectivity, the mobile operator is employing an innovative approach to security to provide a confidential and authenticated communication solution within a public network infrastructure. To support the utilities industry, the EU is funding a Smart Grid Project, known as SUNSEED, to develop “technological and economic models for the most effcient use of communications infrastructure in the smart grids of the future”.

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