GSMA Thrive North America On-Demand: Private Wireless Networks. Friend or Foe?

Wednesday 28 Oct 2020 | 5G | Manufacturing | Private & Dedicated Networks |

Private Wireless networks are not a new phenomenon. For specialist use cases – from public safety to utilities – single-purpose, non-public networks have been deployed leveraging 2G, 3G and 4G technologies. The 5G era, however, brings a new focus to the space.

In large part, the renewed focus follows a who’s who of today’s technology trends: open networking, which could simplify private wireless deployments; edge networking, which promises to place applications on the enterprise premises; spectrum sharing schemes and enterprise spectrum allocations, which could allow enterprises to launch their own wireless networks whether on their own, supported by vendors, or supported by operators. And it’s this dynamic – the fact that private wireless could drive operator revenues, or compete with them – that makes this much more than a technology trend.

Ultimately, the private wireless market will be driven by the decisions (and demands) of operators as well as enterprises. But how are they all looking at the market? Where do their views coincide? Conflict? This session will provide an opportunity for attendee+ pass holders to get a view on how enterprises see the private wireless opportunity and how operators are attacking the space – building on recent (and soon to be released) GSMA Intelligence research along with an engaging panel of industry experts ready to share their insights.