Video: Importance of Interoperability in Digital Health Revealed in Industry Webinar

Thursday 26 Jan 2017 | Health | Resources |

Digital health solutions can increase quality, reduce cost, and extend reach of healthcare. They can empower individuals to manage their own health more proactively and effectively. They can also assist governments and healthcare providers in increasing access to healthcare and in managing epidemics. However one of the barriers preventing digital health to scale is a lack of interoperability.

In this webinar, Advancing Interoperability in Digital Health, learn about:

  • Factors limiting the wider adoption of Digital Health solutions.
  • New emerging technologies and standards that can be combined to deliver semantic interoperability
  • The real world application and the benefits of standards for semantic interoperability


  • Ian Hay, Head of Emerging Technologies, Orange
  • Professor George Crooks OBE, Medical Director, NHS 24
  • Rob Childs, Vertical Engagement Manager, GSMA

This webinar was originally broadcast on 18th January 2017