Webinar Recording: Supporting Policy & Regulatory Frameworks

Friday 18 Nov 2016 | IoT Policy and Regulations | Resources |

Webinar Recording: Supporting Policy & Regulatory Frameworks image

This webinar explores the significant socioeconomic impact the IoT will have on citizens, businesses and governments in the Americas and worldwide. North America has seen significant growth in the number of IoT connections over recent years. This is set to continue dramatically over the next five years to almost 4 Billion connections. In Latin America, IoT is still at a nascent stage but the market is set to grow rapidly over the next years, reaching the 1 Billion mark by 2021.

In this webinar learn about:

  • Collaborative industry initiatives that help accelerate IoT deployments
  • Statistics on IoT growth and its socioeconomic impact
  • Emerging policy and regulatory best practice
  • How to access valuable global IoT resources
This Webinar was originally broadcast on 16th November 2016