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Tourism is beneficial to cities as it contributes to the economy, increases employment levels and creates a broad customer base for city businesses, such as retail and restaurants. At the same time, as visitor numbers grow, effective crowd management services are needed in areas such as public transportation and popular tourist attractions. Within the entertainment industry, large events, such as music festivals and sporting matches, can all benefit from new technologies such as smart ticketing and security services.

You can view our list of tourism & entertainment resources below. To find out more about how operators can assist you in the deployment of Tourism & Entertainment IoT solutions, please contact us.

Vodafone Smart Center: Smart City La Rinconada

May 22, 2017

Smart Cities



The Smart Center, launched by the Municipality of La Rinconada and Vodafone, is designed to accommodate the growing needs of a town that is undergoing residential and industrial expansion. By adopting a range of IoT solutions across multiple sectors, the …

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Barcelona: Crowd Management

September 23, 2016

Smart Cities Resources

Case Study


The city of Barcelona and the local network operator Orange, have been working together to monitor the number of visitors to the Sagrada Familia to better plan transport networks. Now

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GSMA Smart Cities Guide: Crowd Management

August 15, 2016




Crowd management technologies have moved on significantly over the past few years. Not so long ago, crowd management solutions relied on using video footage and facial recognition to count how many people were in certain areas. These expensive techniques have …

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