Smart Cities Commerce

Cities need to continuously stimulate innovation and attract new workers and businesses in order to grow and be successful. Smart cities enable local businesses to thrive and citizens to be engaged by them in innovative new ways, increasing both economic outcomes and citizen satisfaction. Business zones can be managed appropriately by the city, with deliveries and other services coordinated with the businesses using them.  Retail zones can be optimised for shoppers to increase footfall and create new revenue opportunities.  Additionally, as home deliveries increase, the management of logistics and deliveries around the city is becoming increasingly important.

You can view our list of commerce resources below. To find out more about how operators can assist you in the deployment of IoT commerce solutions, please contact us.


NB-IoT Commercialisation Case Study: How China Mobile, China Telecom & China Unicom Enable Million More IoT Devices | NB-IoT商业化案例研究:中国移动、中国电信和中国联通 如何支持数千万物联网设备


Tuesday 18 Jun 2019 | Greater China | Manufacturing | MIoT Technology | Mobile IoT | NB-IoT | Resources | Smart Cities Commerce | Smart Cities Communities | Smart Cities Utilities |

In China, the leading mobile operators are using Mobile IoT technologies to connect millions of devices, appliances and machines. This case study illustrates how China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom enable consumers and ...

LTE-M Commercialisation Case Study: How AT&T and Telstra Connect Million More IoT Devices


Wednesday 16 Jan 2019 | Asia-Pacific | LTE-M | MIoT Technology | North America | Resources | Smart Cities Commerce | Smart Cities Transport |

This paper outlines how two of the world’s leading mobile operators – AT&T and Telstra – are using LTE-M technology to roll out innovative new services. In Australia, Telstra is using LTE-M to support a solar-powered asset location tracking solution that..

Admirror Case Study


Thursday 15 Sep 2016 | Smart Cities | Smart Cities Commerce | Smart Cities Resources |

Introduction text : Vodafone worked with Admirror to create a seamless IoT solution for their advertising mirrors – helping the company to attract new clients and plan for expansion.