Smart Cities Communities

More emphasis on citizen engagement is helping cities become smarter. This approach is about empowering city inhabitants to identify problems which affect them directly, and become part of the solution in fixing these. Examples of this include the coordination of street maintenance, creating user friendly building access for disabled people, and arranging for deliveries to take place within set times. Smart city solutions allow for a more targeted approach to solving problems and helps build up strong, supportive communities within cities.

You can view our list of communities resources below. To find out more about how operators can assist you in the deployment of community IoT solutions, please contact us.


STARS: Smart Traffic Analytics & Recognition System by TM ONE


Saturday 11 Jan 2020 | Asia-Pacific | Resources | Smart Cities Communities | Smart Cities Transport |

Hear from TM ONE, the Malaysia-based mobile operator, how TM ONE STARS that enhances existing traffic control system by providing central monitoring, data visualisation & analytics through a single platform.

NB-IoT Commercialisation Case Study: How China Mobile, China Telecom & China Unicom Enable Million More IoT Devices | NB-IoT商业化案例研究:中国移动、中国电信和中国联通 如何支持数千万物联网设备


Tuesday 18 Jun 2019 | Greater China | Manufacturing | MIoT Technology | Mobile IoT | NB-IoT | Resources | Smart Cities Commerce | Smart Cities Communities | Smart Cities Utilities |

In China, the leading mobile operators are using Mobile IoT technologies to connect millions of devices, appliances and machines. This case study illustrates how China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom enable consumers and ...

Deploying Compact-Size IoT Ring on Mobile IoT Networks – Sierra Wireless & Nimb


Friday 22 Mar 2019 | MIoT Technology | Resources | Smart Cities Communities |

Sierra Wireless shares how their IoT modules are enabling compact-size IoT products globally on Mobile IoT networks; and Nimb explains how Nimb has taken the full benefits...

Taipei: “A Smart City for All”


Sunday 9 Oct 2016 | Smart Cities Communities | Smart Cities Resources | Smart Cities Safety |

“A Smart City for All” is a project that Chunghwa Telecom launched in 2015 with the goal to build a more accessible city for the citizens of Taiwan. Administered by the Taiwanese Industrial Development Bureau and the Ministry of ...