Sweepy Home Help

Sweepy Home Help is the latest connected product on the market that makes life at home a whole lot easier and smarter. But the IoT company that built Sweepy neglected to address a few issues with the product.

Sweepy Home Help was launched to market too early and without the necessary security measures. Below, discover Sweepy’s different security issues and find out for yourself how the IoT company could have mitigated these vulnerabilities from the beginning.

Vacuum cleaners, lightbulbs, traffic lights or even windmills – Sweepy’s security flaws are universal. Any connected product is at risk if companies fail to embed adequate security measures from the beginning and at every stage of the IoT value chain.

The GSMA IoT Security Guidelines provide detailed recommendations for the secure design, development and deployment of IoT solutions, and can be applied to any IoT device or service. Don’t build the next Sweepy – keep your products secure and download the guidelines now.