Case studies for the award of the 700MHz/800MHz band: Mexico

Author: Aetha.

The 700MHz band (channels 52 to 69, 698–806MHz) is relatively ‘clean’ in Mexico. The band is still used for analogue TV broadcasting, but none of the country’s 147 digital TV broadcasting channels operate in this band: digital TV is entirely broadcast in channels 1 to 51. Furthermore, of the 461 analogue TV broadcasting stations in Mexico, only a few (13 to 28, depending on the source) operate above channel 51. Therefore, the degree of occupation of the 700MHz band by TV is low.

Most of the obstacles to change encountered in the Mexican case have been related to the transition from analogue to digital TV, not in the clearing of the 700MHz band. The latter should take care of itself, after the few remaining analogue transmitters in the 700MHz band (mostly in the north of the country) are finally switched off.

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