ICT ministers, regulators and private sector leaders will attend Latin American Telecommunications Congress 2018

May 29, 2018

  • The ICT ministries of Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica and Cuba will be represented at the highest level at CLT18 from 11 to 15 June in Varadero, Cuba, alongside the region’s regulatory authorities and key digital industry executives.
  • CPR LATAM 2018, the leading annual event that brings together academics in the sector, will be held co-hosted at CLT18

29 May 2018. In two weeks, Latin American ministers, regulatory authorities, academics, ICT industry executives and representatives from international organisations will meet in Varadero, Cuba, from 11 to 15 June, at Latin America’s leading ICT public policy discussion event: Latin American Telecommunications Congress 2018 (#CLT18). The event will be hosted by the Ministry of Communications of Cuba and Cuban telecoms provider ETECSA, and is organised by the ITU, ASIET and the GSMA.

Confirmed attendees include Juan Sebastián Rozo, ICT Minister, Colombia; Maimir Mesa Ramos, Minister of Communications, Cuba; Edgar Olvera, Undersecretary of Communications, Mexico; Héctor Huici, ICT Secretary, Ministry of Modernisation, Argentina; André Borges, Telecommunications Secretary, MCTI Brazil; Edwin Estrada, Deputy Minister of Telecommunications, Costa Rica; José María Lassalle, Secretary of State for Information Society and Digital Agenda, Spain; Gabriel Contreras, President, FTI and Regulatel; Germán Darío Arias, Executive Director, CRC Colombia; Carlos Baigorri, Superintendent, ANATEL, Brazil; Oscar León, Executive Secretary, CITEL; Allan Ruiz, Executive Secretary, COMTELCA; Selvin Juarez, Superintendent of Telecommunications, Guatemala; and Blanca Coto Estrada, Superintendent General of Electricity and Telecommunications, El Salvador.

Other digital ecosystem players who will attend CLT18 include Robert Pepper (Facebook); José Juan Haro (Telefónica); Gabriel Solomon (Ericsson); Fernando Velázquez (Huawei); Jordi Bosom (Hispasat); John Baughn (SES); Verena Weber (OECD); Edwin Fernando Rojas (ECLAC); Raúl Katz (Telecom Advisory Services); Oscar Robles (LACNIC); and Sebastián Bellagamba (ISOC).

The plenary session (12 and 13 June) will cover a wide range of topics, such as Telecommunications infrastructure for the integral development of Latin America; New financing mechanisms to expand broadband networks; eLAC2020 Agenda: Generating digital spillovers; Public policy to develop digital infrastructure; Access and innovation in the internet; Focus on internet governance from Hispanic America; Data economy: rules to boost digital confidence and business opportunities in Latin America; The role of satellite in bridging the digital divide; The value of spectrum in processes to digitise economies; ICT for the Sustainable Development Goals; and Digital connectivity for development in Latin America.

The five-day agenda also includes side seminars and meetings in a busy week of activities for the region’s ICT industry:

  • XII CPR LATAM Annual Conference: Examining the impact of new technologies and ICT policies on socio-economic development in Latin America, to be held on 14 June.
  • “Broadband for rural areas”, workshop hosted by the ITU on 11 June.
  • “Digital transformation: The path for development in Latin America”, round table hosted by ASIET on the afternoon of 14 June.
  • “Computerising society in Cuba”, ETECSA workshop on the morning of 12 June.
  • “How can regulators and the industry prepare for the digital age?”, session hosted by the government of Colombia and CRC on the morning of 14 June.
  • “International experiences in leveraging passive infrastructure to deploy telecommunications networks”, workshop by the Government of Mexico on the afternoon of 14 June.
  • “Driving and promoting ICT usage for socioeconomic development”, session run by COMTELCA on Friday 15 June.

For more information and participant registration, please visit the official website of the event http://www.clt.lat

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