CLT19: Latin America to debate policy that will define its place on map of new digital economy

Key ICT representatives will meet at the Seventh Latin American Telecommunications Congress, from 1 to 5 July in Córdoba, Argentina, hosted by the Government Secretariat of Modernisation.

In a context of rapid acceleration in technological developments brought by 5G, artificial intelligence and big data, Argentina is gearing up to host the Seventh Latin American Telecommunications Congress (CLT19), the regional forum for discussion on digital ecosystem policy. With the slogan “Accelerating the digital transformation of Latin America”, the event will address regulatory approaches and frameworks of action that will bring technology to production processes and move the region into the fourth industrial revolution.

As usual, the main event will be the plenary session, an arena for panel discussions with top-level speakers, including ministers, regulatory authorities and executives from mobile operators, service providers, device makers and internet companies. Topics on the agenda include the impact of 5G’s arrival, the digitization of production, the future of work in the face of these changes, and the need for pro-investment agendas in the region. Participants will also analyse regulatory innovation as a tool for closing the digital divide and address the urgent need to promote gender equality in ICT usage. The new role of Universal Service Funds will also be part of the debate.

The importance of spectrum for digitalising economies will be another key topic at CLT19. From 28 October to 22 November this year, World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-19) will be held in Egypt, where discussion will include the allocation of new frequency bands to 5G. In preparation for this landmark digital ecosystem event, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) will hold the forum ‘Spectrum management on the road to WRC-19”.

CLT19 is jointly led by ITU, CAF – Development Bank of Latin America, Inter-American Association of Telecommunications Companies (ASIET) and the GSMA, with Argentina’s Government Secretariat of Modernisation as host. It has the support of the Provincial Government of Córdoba and organisations including COMTELCA, Regulatel, ECLAC-eLAC, ICANN, Internet Society and LACNIC.

The event will be held from 1 to 5 July at Centro de Convenciones Brigadier General Juan Bautista Bustos, in Córdoba, Argentina.

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