What should the public policy of the next president include, to fully integrate El Salvador into the digital economy?

January 9, 2019

In Latin America, people mainly connect through mobile, the primary facilitator of internet access, and El Salvador is no exception. In the last five years, mobile operators have taken major steps on the path to bringing the population of El Salvador online, almost doubling penetration of unique mobile internet subscribers from 24 to 43 per cent, increasing from 1.4 million people connected to mobile broadband in 2013 to 2.7 million at the beginning of this year (out of a population of 6.3 million). However, there are still many challenges ahead before the country is fully integrated into the digital economy.

Digitalisation brings enormous economic and social benefits and advances in inclusion and growth, making it essential that the decisions of the next administration allow for the changes necessary to fully integrate El Salvador into the digital economy. The telecommunications industry can be a strategic ally in this process.

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