The Mobile Economy Latin America 2019


Friday 13 Dec 2019 | Resources |

By 2023, mobile’s contribution to the Latin American economy will reach just over $300 billion as countries increasingly benefit from the increased uptake of mobile services and the associated improvements in productivity and ...

Smart Data Privacy Laws


Monday 24 Jun 2019 | Resources | Resources (en) |

Sensing the huge opportunity of digital transformation, governments are keen to establish a regulatory environment that supports data-driven economic growth while strengthening trust in technology. Many countries are therefore ...

Operators call for governments to secure 5G’s future at WRC-19


Wednesday 11 Sep 2019 | Resources (en) |

The GSMA Board, on behalf of the global mobile industry, has called on governments to support the identification of spectrum for mobile at WRC-19 in an open letter sent to ministers and heads of regulatory authorities in nearly 170 ...

Latin America’s evolving digital landscape


Tuesday 3 Sep 2019 | Resources (en) |

The number of mobile subscribers in Latin America is set to reach 490 million by 2025, with three markets accounting for two thirds of new subscribers. Meanwhile, 5G trials are underway and consumption of OTT media over mobile ...

What should the public policy of the next president include, to fully integrate Argentina into the digital economy?


Monday 2 Sep 2019 | Resources (en) |

In this document, Argentina’s mobile industry, through the GSMA, submits a series of recommendations and an analysis of the current state of the local mobile market for consideration by the next administration, to continue integrating ...

Cross-Border Data Flows: Realising benefits and removing barriers


Friday 26 Jul 2019 | Resources | Resources (en) |

Today’s digital and physical commerce relies on organisations’ ability to move data – including consumers’ personal data – across borders without restriction. The ability to do so generates positive outcomes not only for organisations, ...

Effective Spectrum Pricing:Supporting better quality and more affordable mobile services


Friday 10 Feb 2017 | Resources (en) |

To deliver affordable, widespread, quality mobile broadband services, operators require fair access to sufficient radio spectrum. Careful spectrum management is central to the digital economy. This report highlights the damage done to ...

Highlights del Mobile World Congress Americas | Julio 2018


Tuesday 31 Jul 2018 |

Join us at W20 Summit | Septiembre 2018


Thursday 13 Sep 2018 |

Paula Ferrari, Regional Marketing Director, GSMA Latin America. 1 al 3 octubre | CCK, Sarmiento 151 | Buenos Aires

Tech4Girls | Octubre 2018


Friday 12 Oct 2018 |

Women 20 Summit | Octubre 2018


Thursday 18 Oct 2018 |

5G, the IoT and Wearable Devices: What do the new uses of wireless technologies mean for radio frequency exposure?


Friday 15 Feb 2019 | Resources (en) |

There is significant interest in new applications of wireless technology with particular focus on Fifth Generation (5G) mobile technology; the Internet of Things (IoT), also known as machine-to-machine (M2M) communications; and ...

GSMA LA Vision Magazine 2018 – 2019 Edition


Thursday 28 Mar 2019 | Vision Magazine |

Latin America has a thriving mobile ecosystem. By mid-2018, there were almost 450 million unique mobile subscribers across Latin America and the Caribbean, accounting for more than two thirds of the population. Smartphone connections ...

Mobile Policy Handbook


Thursday 21 Mar 2019 | Resources | Resources (en) |

Ever since the introduction of the first digital cellular services for commercial use in the 1990s, mobile networks have spread, evolved and changed our world. Massive infrastructure investment and competition among mobile operators, ...

What should the public policy of the next president include, to fully integrate Panama into the digital economy?


Monday 18 Mar 2019 | Resources | Resources (en) |

Panama’s next administration has a great opportunity ahead, in particular to promote policies designed to build faster and higher-capacity networks like 4G. What does Panama’s ICT sector need to boost the country’s current networks and ...

Reforming mobile sector taxation in Argentina: A path towards a more efficient tax system, greater digital inclusion and increased prosperity


Monday 20 Nov 2017 |

Mobile telephone services play an increasingly important role in supporting and delivering development, economic growth and social inclusion. In Argentina, 2G connectivity is ubiquitous but the country has not yet transitioned fully to ...

GSMA Device Check | Diciembre 2018


Friday 21 Dec 2018 |

Nicolas Forster, Outreach Director for IMEI Services, GSMA, explica cómo vendedores de celulares de segunda mano y recicladores utilizan este servicio para detectar si un dispositivo fue reportado como robado.

Digital Inclusion Changes Women’s Lives GSMA | Diciembre 2018


Thursday 6 Dec 2018 |

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019 | Febrero


Tuesday 15 Jan 2019 |

Lucas Gallito, Acting Head of Latin America, GSMA, anticipa la participación latinoamericana en el gran encuentro de la industria.

What should the public policy of the next president include, to fully integrate El Salvador into the digital economy?


Wednesday 9 Jan 2019 | Resources (en) |

In Latin America, people mainly connect through mobile, the primary facilitator of internet access, and El Salvador is no exception. In the last five years, mobile operators have taken major steps on the path to bringing the population of El Salvador ...