June 8, 2018

Women 20 is a transnational network that brings together women leaders of civil society, businesses, entrepreneurship ventures and think tanks. The main goal of W20 is to influence the agenda of the decision-making bodies of the G20, with a view to impacting public policies in order to increase women’s participation in the economies and societies of their countries.

Creating more inclusive societies entails improving women’s quality of life and, fundamentally, ensuring their access to the labor market, quality education, health services and political participation.

With Argentina as the first South American country to preside over the G20, the group that brings together the twenty most important economies in the world, the W20 takes on new strength within engagement groups. Led by Susana Balbo, Chair of the group, the W20 seeks to continue sustaining the development of the key topics addressed by previous W20 presidencies, strengthen dialogue processes among delegates and ensure the impact of the group on the leaders’ summit.

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