Digital inclusion and mobile sector taxation in Honduras

Wednesday 20 Apr 2016 | Resources (en) |

Digital inclusion and mobile sector taxation in Honduras image

Since the launch of mobile services in 1996, the mobile sector in Honduras has grown rapidly and today there are over 5.4 million users, representing 66% of the population. The mobile industry is playing a key role in delivering connectivity to Honduran households, particularly in rural and remote areas where it is difficult and more costly to develop fixed line infrastructure. Investment in mobile infrastructure in the last years has led to 3G coverage being available to 89% of the population, although only 22% of the population is currently accessing high speed mobile broadband (3G or 4G services).

A recent study of mobile taxation in Honduras, conducted for the GSMA by Deloitte, identifies priorities for policy change and estimates the socio-economic and fiscal benefits of rebalancing mobile taxation and fees in Honduras.

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