Successful GSMA LA conference in Jamaica confirms the interest in Roaming in the region

As many of our members were able to verify in Montego Bay on August 16-17, Roaming issues are of great interest and concern for our Latin American operators.

The GSMA LA Roaming Conference and BARG Meeting brought together a large number of operators and suppliers not just from our region. There were two days of meetings and discussions where they could advance and agree on next steps in the various initiatives that both GSMA LA and its BARG group are leading.

Among the initiatives discussed we highlight:

Global Roaming Campaign developed by the GSMA and the integration of these activities in the region: It was analysed the consultancy work that has been carried out to support the activities of both operators and the GSMA against governments and regulatory agencies. It was also agreed the strategy to implement in this area.

The role of operators in natural disasters: There were reviewed the recent dramatic experiences of earthquakes in Chile and Haiti, the demands of governments and the actions taken by the mobile telecommunications companies. Also, there were outlined recommendations to be prepared for future events of this nature.

Position paper on best practices in marketing Roaming

Also, there were presentations and reviews about the latest developments in areas such as:

  • Wifi Roaming 
  • Real Time Charging / Billing clients for post paid clients 
  • Signalling Security

Finally, we would like to express our special thanks to Digicel and all its officers, and the Honourable Minister of Information, Technology and Special Projects in Jamaica Mr. Daryl Vaz, who kindly welcomed us and supported this event; and also to all those suppliers that sponsored the activities considered in it and the active attendance of all operators who contributed their views and business cases.

To review the presentations made in Jamaica, please note that these are already available on Infocentre.

To access to these documents you must be a member of the BARG LA, if you are not a member yet, we invite you to register by contacting the MIM (Member Information Manager) of your company.

If you require more information about how to have access to this tool or become a member of a group of GSMA LA, please contact our Office Coordinator, Andrea Guajardo: aguajardo (at)