We Care

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals map out an ambitious agenda in both the scale and scope of change. A challenge of this size requires leveraging of today’s most ubiquitous technology: mobile and its ecosystem. At the same time, we can achieve the SDGs only if the public and private sectors work hand in hand with civil society, identifying areas of collaboration and forming partnerships that enable us to overcome the obstacles along the way.

With this vision, in 2014 we launched the We Care campaign, an initiative of the region’s leading mobile operators to implement the SDGs locally. In 16 Latin American countries, the mobile industry has so far made 25 public announcements alongside the government of each country.

Today, five years after its launch, the campaign is embarking on a new stage globally. In 2018, Kenya’s mobile industry kicked off this internationalisation process after signing a Child Online Protection Charter, marking the first We Care commitment beyond Latin America.

The internationalisation of the campaign was an excellent opportunity to make We Care an online sustainability platform that aims to showcase the efforts not only of mobile operators around the world, but also of other associations and technology companies, acting as a hub for sustainability initiatives in the digital ecosystem.

Key Announcements

Areas of Action

Countries that have launched the We Care campaign with joint commitments on SDG-related initiatives