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Sustainability and diversity are business
Public-private collaboration, responsible business, and how to maximise the socioeconomic benefits of mobile internet were the key topics at GSMA Latin America Plenary Meeting #46, held in Panama City on 10 and 11 May. Find out what the CEOs of mobile operators in Panama and leading authorities in public services, innovation and development discussed at the meeting of the regional digital ecosystem, which brought together some 300 participants from 26 countries.
We Care Panama:
mobile operators join forces to work on gender equality
Claro, Digicel and Telefónica Movistar signed the GSMA Humanitarian Connectivity Charter for disaster response, and will work together on SDG 5 by incorporating a gender perspective in the highest leadership levels and fighting gender-based violence.
Dialogue on digital inclusion and digital gender gap to add to W20 recommendations
Led by Paula Ferrari Regional Marketing Director, GSMA Latin America, a further session was held in Panama in the cycle of round tables on inclusion and gender to discuss and extend Women 20 (W20) proposals to G20 leaders for a sustainable gender agenda.
W20 and GSMA: digital inclusion round table
As part of activities at the Paris OECD Forum, on 30 May a round table on inclusion and gender was held, organised by the GSMA and Women 20 (W20) at the Embassy of Argentina. As Topic Chair of the digital inclusion theme for W20, the GSMA is leading discussion ahead of the 2018 G20 Argentina Summit, to be held in Buenos Aires. The round table was essential to finalise the recommendations document on improving women’s digital inclusion.
From 11 to 15 June in Varadero, Latin American Telecommunications Congress 2018 will bring together leading ministers, CEOs, experts and academics from the ICT ecosystem.
Mobile industry contributions to Mexico’s digital agenda
On 15 May, at the event “Mobile industry contributions to Mexico’s digital agenda”,
executives from Mexico’s digital industry presented their strategic vision and policy
recommendations to the ICT teams of the Mexican presidential candidates. The meeting
included panels with the CEOs of leading firms such as Telmex, Telefónica, Samsung,
Volvo and OXXO, who shared their future vision of the digital transformation of Mexico.
Presentations were given about megatrends in IoT, 5G and AI by Marco Galván, Strategic
Engagement Director, GSMA Latin America, and about spectrum priorities, by Lucas
Gallitto, Public Policy Director, GSMA Latin America. Sebastián Cabello, Head of Latin
America, GSMA, presented the region’s strategic vision and key policies for the next
We Care Mexico:
mobile industry will also help to bridge digital gender gap
AT&T, Telcel and Telefónica Movistar have pledged to work together for the empowerment of women and girls, with the support of the GSMA and ANATEL. They will encourage more young women to pursue STEM education and careers, and include a gender perspective at the highest levels of leadership.
Policy recommendations for Mexico to maximise benefits of digital economy 
The document “What should the public policy of the next president include, to fully integrate Mexico into the digital economy?” sets out a series of proposals and public policy recommendations for the next president of Mexico to foster the country’s digital development.
Big data for social good, IoT and ICT women key topics at Painel TeleBrasil 2018
From 22 to 24 May in Brasilia, Painel TeleBrasil was the leading space for discussion on Brazil’s digital future. The general conference included presentations by Jeanine Vos about Big data for social good, and Stefano Nicoleti about IoT. Paula Ferrari, Regional Marketing Director, GSMA Latin America, led the session on women in the ICT sector.
Forum on Artificial Intelligence and the IoT in Smart Sustainable Cities in Argentina
Alejandro Adamowicz, Technology Director, GSMA Latin America, spoke about the Internet of Things and 5G at the First Forum on Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things in Smart Sustainable Cities in Latin America, co-organised by Argentina’s Ministry of
Modernisation and the International Telecommunication Union in Buenos Aires on 29 and 30 May.
Tigo, Telefónica and Claro advance in disaster preparedness alongside Red Cross
As part of the “We Care Guatemala” pledge and in compliance with requirements of the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (CONRED), the Guatemalan Red Cross ran an Incident Command System course for mobile operators Tigo, Telefónica and Claro to coordinate strategy under the National Response Plan defined by the country’s MNOs.
Digital inclusion
See the updated web section about initiatives in affordability, infrastructure economics, digital skills and literacy, and local content.
Spotlight on new reports and studies
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