Accessing the IMEI Database - Managed Services

Accessing the IMEI Database

The GSMA provides access to the IMEI DB and its data to GSMA member mobile network operators and to qualified industry parties (i.e. manufacturers of device management products and government authorities).

Mobile Network Operators

The IMEI DB offers GSM & 3GPP network operators two types of access:

  1. full DB download and sychronization with the whitelist
  2. open exchange of device IMEIs identified as lost or stolen via the blacklist

Operators are encouraged to participate in both “whitelist” and “blacklist” use of the database. Two separate logins are required, depending on which function is being accessed. You may register for access here.

Manufacturer and Brand Owners

Manufacturer Type Allocation Codes are recorded in the IMEI DB and are accessible by the manufacturer. Only the TAC allocated to a specific manufacturer is available to that manufacturer.

Prior to being allocated a TAC, the Manufacturers and/or brand owner is required to register with the GSMA . After registration, the manufacturer and/or brand owner receives a login id and password to the IMEI DB. This login allows them to view and download their allocated TAC at any time.

Government Authorities and Industry Affiliates

Government authorities such as law enforcement and regulatory agencies are provided complimentary access to the IMEI DB. Request for access can be made here.

Other industry affiliates such as equipment recyclers , repair companies and device insurance agencies are allowed limited access under certain circumstances. To request a login, or access the database, please click below.


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