PathFinder Features & Functionality - Managed Services
Number Portability Services

Pathfinder Features & Functionality

Query API

PathFinder provides an ultra fast response ENUM API for onboard numbering queries <20mS. Responses contain:

  • Destination operator identified by E212 MCC/MNC and Service Provider Identifier (SPN)
  • Service type applicable to the number (where relevant)
  • MVNO identifier (where relevant)

Hosting Services

Operators may store gateway routing data for interconnect partners to query in PathFinder. The data may be the routing gateway address or the name of a registry where the routing data is contained. The data is port corrected.

Access Controls

Operators may use access controls to configure which interconnect partners are able to access operator hosted data ensuring privacy and security of data.

Dynamic Data

Operators can configure hosted data to provide different results to different interconnect partners enabling a variety of different interconnect agreements to be implemented using a common infrastructure.

Custom Data

Operators can configure hosted data to provide specialised results for internal routing or intra-group routing which remain private to the operator and reflect the operator’s internal network architecture. Additionally specific numbers can be tagged with proprietary service flags.

NP Integration/Mediation

Operators can use PathFinder to deliver routing gateway address data for the numbers they serve within PathFinder’s existing data pool. This enables operators to signal data via Pathfinder as a simple but less sophisticated alternative to full data hosting.


PathFinder can be used as a convenient one stop shop for access to the world’s national numbering data sources reducing the cost and complexity of data acquisition and management.

Operators, who need to establish ENUM registries to support RCS, VoLTE and IMS interconnect, can use PathFinder as an instant and low cost registry solution. PathFinder enables operators to publish data toward a wide variety of interconnect partners (or within group) under controlled conditions and customise the data to support any interconnect scenario. PathFinder alleviates the need to expose sensitive infrastructure. PathFinder is instantly accessible to the telecoms community at the GRX/IPX peering points.

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