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PathFinder Overview

PathFinder is a Telephone Number Registry containing information about which operators own or serve any particular number. Numbers can be looked up in real time via an ENUM API to identify which destination network to route traffic. It’s like a DNS system for Phone Numbers.

PathFinder contains, or can access, number data globally and provides accurate results when numbers have been ported from their original network to another network, “port correction”.

PathFinder employs a high performance and resilient technical architecture which delivers rapid response times

Numbering Information Resources

PathFinder uses the highest quality data sources to provide best in class accuracy on a global basis. Data is refreshed on a perpetual basis remaining current at all times. Sophisticated QA processes ensure authoritative trusted results.

Aggregation Diagram

PathFinder contains

  • Number block allocations on a global basis amounting to more than 1.6M Number Blocks Number portability data covering over 1300 operators
  • Off board access to number portability data covering another 60 countries
  • Operator specific/service data where hosting for an operator
  • Delegation information about where to look for other numbering data

PathFinder is capable of fulfilling the majority of numbering data needs, via a single standardised interface or complementing existing data resources. New resources are acquired as numbering plans evolve and number portability is introduced in different countries. A connection to PathFinder future proofs your data supply needs and your feed can be tailored over time as your business evolves.

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