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IMS, VoLTE & RCS Interconnect

PathFinder provides the link between legacy addressing, based on E164 numbers, and IMS routing, based on IP addressing and URIs, providing the functionality and data feeds to resolve number portability in this context.

IMS Interconnect – the challenge

IMS provides the platform for a broad range of services with a broad range of interconnect options that may include simple bilateral, IPX bilateral, multilateral, service specific/aware, hubbed and group interconnect. The combination of multiple services and multiple interconnects makes it even more critical to determine the portability corrected destination and service capabilities prior to making routing decisions.

Routing data

The principles of IMS interconnect addressing and routing are described in GSMA IR67 where the requirement for an ENUM architecture is identified. The originating operator needs to have access to addressing information (the terminating operator’s gateway URI) for every operator and subscriber that they might need to connect to. Via PathFinder you can collect all (or some) of that information, access data from a third party or arrange for access to each operator’s data. In each case data must be maintained in near real time to account for number block allocations and number portability and PathFinder ensures this.

PathFinder Service

PathFinder offers a single global lookup service to obtain the information necessary to route IMS interconnect traffic and can bring together data from your own sources, third party, terminating operator and number portability authorities. Data available from other PathFinder services can be used to automatically populate number block and number portability data, associating it with correct operator and gateway URI.


PathFinder’s access to multiple routing and addressing data including onboard, remote and hosting models allows the existing diverse regulatory and interconnect models to be supported within a single global framework, providing a simple query interface that will return the most up to date authoritative addressing information.

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