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Number Block Download Service

PathFinder provides a convenient number block allocation download service covering all the countries of the world.

Number Blocks – The basis of routing

The telephone number blocks allocated to network operators form the basis of telecoms traffic routing worldwide. Number blocks are an integral part of routing tables in switches and have to be maintained to a high level of accuracy in order to deliver traffic to the right destinations.

Number Block Allocations

Number blocks are generally allocated to operators by a regulator authority in each country. There are approximately 1.6million number blocks in operation around the world and this figure increases every day. Allocations can also change hands fairly frequently. One of the challenges of network operations is to keep track of number block changes and keep routing tables accurate and up to date.

PathFinder Number Block Download Service

As part of the PathFinder product suite, GSMA offers number block information as a subscription service to receive a regular download of worldwide number block allocations. GSMA and its partner Neustar maintain a team of experts continuously updating number block allocation information from the authorities around the world to provide a very broad and accurate service.


This service allows you to save time and resources in number and routing management. Click here to find out more.

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