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Number Portability Service

PathFinder provides, telco grade, high accuracy, number portability correction look up services.

Number Portability – The routing challenge

Traditionally the network serving a subscriber is identified by the number block in the dialled number. When subscribers move their accounts (and numbers) from one network to another their numbers are no longer associated with the number block owner and the number block is no longer accurate for routing purposes. A portability corrected destination must be looked up for each number before routing traffic.

Number Portability Data

The number ownership changes constantly every day as numbers are ported. The regulation of number portability systems is governed independently in each country. And each country implementation is different making it complex and costly to acquire port corrected destination information. Never-the-less it is critical to have access to this information to route traffic accurately and cost effectively to the right network.

PathFinder Number Portability Service

PathFinder specialises in acquiring high quality and authoritative port corrected destination information (Number Portability Data) and aggregating it in a resilient distributed registry. PathFinder offers a single standardised interface to these global data sources as a convenient number portability look up service.

Customers connect their routing engine infrastructure to PathFinder via its high performance, low latency ENUM API. As traffic is offered for routing, PathFinder provides the port corrected network destination in real time. The destination network is signalled by a code, either the MCC/MNC for mobile networks or a Service Provider Identity for fixed networks. Customers may elect to access all or a subset of the PathFinder data and PathFinder can be used to augment other data sources.

Data is perpetually refreshed and cleaned by our team of numbering experts to maintain the highest levels of quality and accuracy as new networks, additional countries implement portability, and existing numbers transition between networks.


The PathFinder Number Portability Service offers a convenient portal into the world’s number portability data via a single standardised API. PathFinder is used to considerably simplify and reduce the cost of number management operations and to augment existing data sources. PathFinder is also used to improve delivery accuracy increasing revenue and reducing costs., For further description of the ways in which PathFinder is being used, please see Applications.

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