TokoWireless Ltd

Toko Wireless based in Nuku’alofa in the Kingdom of Tonga is an Internet Service provider (ISP) with a consumer facing brand – WanTok.

Toko Wireless is continually working to stay ahead of the curve, enlisting advanced technologies to fully serve its customer bases’ primary use communication service requirements. Toko Wireless provides wireless broadband capacity, reliable and fast cloud hosting services, managed network services, as well as a comprehensive host of additional communications services.

The word ‘Toko’ is a slang word (used predominately by youth) derived from the Tongan word “Tokoua”.  Tokoua refers to a sibling of the same gender e.g. I (a male) would call my brother my ‘Tokoua’. Tokoua can also be used for “fellow” or “companion”.

Internet based communication is connecting people from every continent and corner of the planet and Toko Wireless takes great pride in joining people, whether friends, family, or business partners, through the dialect of the modern digital world.