7Layers now offers Global Coverage for Car Connectivity Consortium's Mirrorlink Certification Services

Sunday 26 Feb 2012 | Member Press Release |

7Layers, an international group of engineering & test centers, is the first to offer global coverage of MirrorLink™ certification services in accordance with Car Connectivity Consortium’s standards. MirrorLink™ certification testing in an authorized test laboratory has been applicable since January 2012, and 7Layers had one of the first labs to offer this service. Following a successful launch, 7Layers decided to expand its test and certification services.

7Layers now has three Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) authorized test laboratories that offer MirrorLink™ certification, located conveniently in North America, Europe and Asia.

The CCC is developing global standards for Smartphone in-car connectivity.

Among the CCC members are the world’s leading automotive, mobile communications and consumer electronics industry companies. The CCC MirrorLink™ technology standard allows users to access their phones using the same controls as for accessing the car radio, climate control and navigation system. Certification testing in authorized third party test labs is required for manufacturers of head units and consumer electronics wanting to achieve a MirrorLink™ Certificate.

7Layers is the only company worldwide that is able to offer global coverage for MirrorLink™ certification in accordance with CCC standards.

This especially benefits international companies that need to organize R&D and market access procedures across the continents. “7Layers has years of experience in running accredited test laboratories for mobile communication industries,” explains Torsten Lohoff, Business Development Manager – Automotive & Telematics, at 7Layers Germany. “However, wireless technologies are being integrated in a host of consumer products these days and the automotive industry is definitely driving this trend by enhancing in-car connectivity. As a preferred partner of the automotive industry, 7Layers is well suited to providing efficient and reliable test and certification services in accordance with present and future CCC standards.” 7Layers has been working together with leading consumer electronics and automotive manufacturers and their suppliers for years, providing services such as conformance, interoperability and field testing (e.g. testing in accordance with FCC and R&TTE directives, testing of car kits for Bluetooth® interoperability, Made For iPhone Certification, PTRCB and GCF certification) and international type approval handling. “Cross-industry experience will be a valuable asset when dealing with the growing number of manufacturers and vendors now aiming for MirrorLink™ certification,” stated Mahesh Kodukula from 7Layers USA. “MirrorLink™ certification is set to become a valuable service that will not only support the industry’s marketing activities but also significantly enhance end-user satisfaction when using Smartphones within their vehicles. As a leading lab offering international MirrorLink™ certification services, 7Layers once again shows its commitment to a smarter way of communication.”

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